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Professor Gad Saad

Professor, evolutionary behavioural scientist, author

Dr. Gad Saad.jpg

Image Source: Vahe Kassardijan


Prof. Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), and former holder of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption (2008-2018). He is the co-recipient of the 2015 President’s Media Outreach Award: Research Communicator of the Year (International), which goes to the Concordia University professor whose research receives the greatest amount of global media coverage.  

Prof. Saad has pioneered the use of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behaviour. His works include The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature; The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption and Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences, along with 75+ scientific papers. His Psychology Today blog and YouTube channel have garnered 6.9+ million and 24+ million views respectively. His podcast The Saad Truth with Dr. Saad is available on all leading podcast platforms.  

In addition to his scientific work, Prof. Saad writes and speaks about idea pathogens that destroy logic, science, reason, and common sense. His fourth book The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense was released in October 2020 and is an international bestseller. 

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